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Continous Film Calibration


VPX-2KS Dual Component Spary Valve


Spectra, the Redesigned UV Light Curing System


 PVA Delta6 Selective Coating / Dispensing System



  PVA Delta6


The Delta 6 is ideal for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability in moderate to high volume manufacturing environments. It is a closed-loop robotic platform featuring optical encoder feedback on all axes.


Standard Features:
-PathMaster® Windows- based software
-FastPath™ offline image programming capability
-Onboard PC with flat screen monitor
-Remote teach pendant with trackball
-USB communication port
-Closed-loop low level exhaust notification (spray systems)

Optional Features:
-Servo 4th Axis motion featuring valve tilt rotate
-Closed-loop material flow monitoring
-Inline material metering
-Bar code program selection
-Low level fluid sensor-Valve and / or fluid heating
-Programming camera
-Active vision with XY correction
-Substrate heating – contact or non-contact
-Dispense zone weigh scale
-Multi-zone conveyor
-Conveyor auto width adjust


DELTA6 Datasheet





The PVA350 is a flexible three or four-axis robot that is suitable for virtually any benchtop or laboratory selective coating and automated dispensing application. The PVA350 features a robust overhead motion platform employing brushless DC servo motors and precision ball screw slides. Encoder feedback on all axes assures a closed-loop process that is consistent and reliable. The PVA350 platform is enclosed for added protection during spray applications.


The PVA350 has many integrated features including:
-A compact, tabletop design that favors portability
-Large work area
-Optional four-axis tilt and rotation motion
-Optical encoder feedback on all axes of motion
-Coordinated motion in all axes simultaneously
-RS232 communication port
-Front panel LCD screen and remote trackball teach pendant
-Exclusive PathMaster® programming environment


PVA350 Datasheet





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